H-7 Glass Coating

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This lot is for a brand new concept Glass coating for car bodywork, a covering for the paintwork that is as strong as glass.

The producer guarantees us protection of a bodywork which will be very durable.

Only a short while ago this was only available  to large-scale industry, now became available to the general public .
This means you can now protect car bodywork from external aggressive factors: rain, snow, dirt, bird mess, sea water, etc.

Application of this means isn't limited to use only on cars. You can also use it for protection of boats, yachts, various equipment, signs etc which need protection against the environment.
So, available we have: 100ml bottle of liquid glass H-7 , microfiber, lint free napkins.
For best results you need to prepare the car’s bodywork before use.
For a start the car needs to be washed and dried.
Then the bodywork must be prepared using a good quality clay bar to remove all contaminants.

It is necessary to do it properly. Using a clay bar is a sure way of doing this. 

Then the paintwork needs to be degreased using a good quality degreaser. It is necessary to degrease to make sure you have finally removed all contaminants. The next step is to dry the car thoroughly using a drying towel.

The car will then be ready to apply the glass coat.
The equipment is very simple: we take the applicator which comes with the kit, we put on it a small amount of product on the applicator and we apply evenly to the surface.

For more economical way of applying I recommend to wrap up the applicator in a lint free cloth.

This must be applied to one panel at a time before moving on to another panel.
Wait for 5-6 minutes and then start polishing with a pure microfiber cloth.
The structure quickly dries. However it is better to leave the car in garage for 24 hours to allow full curing time. H-7 will create a strong protection on a body of your car, will add impressive gloss, and will protect the bodywork for up to 12 months, depending on weather conditions. Application can be repeated with 2 or 3 layers, with drying times between layers of at least 20-30 minutes.
When you drive from your garage onto the street, you will see the car with an incredible glossy surface. It is possible to look at the car as in a mirror! The results will speak for themselves.





H-7 creates a solid protective surface on the basis of silicon oxide which possesses high resistance to abrasive and chemical influences, adds an excellent shine, it is thus absolutely safe for a paint and varnish covering and keeps the protective properties for up to one year.

The covering H-7 is suitable for paint and varnish covering, unpainted or transparent plastic, metal and the chrome plated details.

Attention! Application on rubber elements can lead to their damage or low-quality result. Before applying always test on a hidden area to see there are no bad effects.


Method of application:

Clean the body work of contaminents (bitumen, mud, grease, etc.), degrease and fully dry the car.

Apply the product sparingly on a applicator  and evenly distribute to one panel at a time: cowl, doors, roof and etc. .
In 5-10 minutes (depending on temperature) when the surface is hazy, wipe the surface to remove all product with a microfiber to a shine that will amaze you. Hardening stages: Structure drying (evaporation of all solvents) – 1 hour. Avoid anything to come into contact with the bodywork whislt this time is passing.
Full sealant of the product will take place after 24 hours depending on moisture in the air and temperature.




During the next 24 hours avoid rough physical impacts on the body of water or chemical compositions (reagents, solvents, shampoos, etc.), and do not use a dried sponge on the bodywork or it will weaken the structure of the protection and the covering becomes uneven.

Don't work on a hot surface since product will dry too quickly.

Do not apply in windy draughty places.

Store with containers firmly closed in place well ventilated cool and inaccessible to children.

 Avoid hit of direct sunshine.

Temperature of storage is from -5 °C to 40 °C