How to Use the Wheel Dust Blocker

The first step in using the Wheel Dust Blocker correctly is almost the same way as preparing your car for a wax.  Rinse down the wheels to get rid of the surface dirt and dust.



Step 2 use a wheel cleaning product to get your wheels an ultimate clean. We used our Brake Dust Cleaner.


Make sure your wheels are completely clean because the Wheel Dust Blocker will not work on dirt and dust.


The Brake Dust Cleaner comes with a brush that reaches in all the small crevices of the wheels.


Step 3 rinse down the wheels completely of all the soap.


Make sure the wheel is completely dry before applying the Wheel Dust Blocker as the Wheel Dust Blocker will not dry well with water still on the wheels. We used an air compressor to take out all the water in the wheels.


The Wheel Dust Blocker also comes with alcohol wipes to make the wheels completely free of chemicals.


Step 5 after making sure the wheel is completely dry and clean, apply the Wheel Dust Blocker.


Make sure you spray the wheels from a distance of 4 inches and to apply a generous amount without any spacing. Don't think of this spray as a paint can and apply it like paint. Make sure you apply a good amount for the effects to work.


We applied enough to make the wheel matte black to gloss black.


If you weren't able to take all the water out of your wheel, it will show at the bottom of the lip of your rim where the water will start to gather. Dry it with a microfiber towel to take the water out and then re apply in that area. The drying process takes 20-30 minutes in the summer and 1-2 hours in the winter.

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